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University Entrance in New Zealand

Ad Eundem Statum (or equivalent status) with Universities New Zealand gives the NZCSE equivalence to other Level 3 qualifications at entry level. In New Zealand, University Entry is a two-step process. NZCSE gives a student the first step, which is entry into the university itself. Course entry is dependent on the quality of the student’s results and having taken the right subjects at school during Class 11 and 12. Most university websites have some mention of NZCSE on their websites. Usually a student will find their way in the application process by selecting “other” when asked to name their qualification. Remember we are relatively small compared with the state qualification or IB and Cambridge so don’t expect too much from websites. Your school Careers Advisor will be well versed in pointing students in the right direction to assist with their applications. We have not had any student refused entry into the course of their choice as yet and we have students currently studying medicine, veterinary science, law and engineering to name a few. Due to the constantly changing nature of university entry in New Zealand it is important for us to keep up with changing requirements as they arise and try to keep one step ahead.