Steiner Education Development.'

How the Certificate works

The qualification is awarded based on the collection of evidence required to support the decision of the teacher against detailed assessment criteria specified for each Learning Outcome.

Each Learning Outcome has been approved as at the “correct” (NZQF) level, has an individual weighting against the whole qualification, and is described in terms of Assessment Criteria. Assessment decisions are made against requirements within four bands (tolerance ranges): Achieved, Merit, Excellence and Not Achieved.

Important Note: Learning Outcomes are just the (preferably small) assessable part of any teaching and learning. They are not the course; they are not the content; they should not drive what is taught; ideally units or blocks of learning – if named – should be descriptive of what is taught/learnt, not what is assessed. From what is taught, an appropriate Learning Outcome (or more) is selected because that will be the best context in which to find the evidence.

Assessment can generally occur any time during a course, is integrated with learning and, where practicable, with other assessment events.

Assessment events include activities or tasks such as a project, assignment, essay, report, test, examination, product (e.g. art, writing portfolio) or performance (e.g. laboratory experiment, tool or materials handling, drama, speech, music and movement demonstrations).

The Level 3 qualification can include an annual external examination week which covers two selected Learning Outcomes from each of Level 3: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The examinations are externally set, marked and moderated, to ensure equivalency to similar subjects offered at the same level in other institutions.

For all other assessment activities, there is a combination of compulsory internal moderation, and an external moderation process which quality controls the school’s assessment decisions and methods and confirms final results for students.

A student’s confirmed achievements are recorded on a database which will create a Record of Learning.