Steiner Education Development.'

Certificate History

Prior to the NZ Qualifications Authority approval of the Steiner School Certificates, which  became the New Zealand Certificates of Steiner Education in January 2017, there was no nationally-registered qualification which reflected or endorsed the Special Character nature of the Rudolf Steiner secondary school education programmes in New Zealand.

Communities of parents (including Board of Trustees), Charitable Trustees, other Steiner organisations and school initiatives, teachers and students in Rudolf Steiner Schools throughout New Zealand expressed the expectation that there be publicly-recognised validation of the years’ achievements in the senior school, and attestation of competence against statements of learning expectations and outcomes which reflect the Special Character of Steiner education. Many of these attestations were submitted as part of the initial approval process in 2010.

During 2010, the New Zealand Federation organised high school conferences where teachers sat together to create assessment criteria and notes for the initial set of Learning Outcomes derived from what was being taught in the 3 schools involved at the time. If it wasn’t for the goodwill and commitment of these teachers this massive task would not have been possible in the timeframe given by NZQA.

In December 2010 Steiner School Certificate Levels 1, 2 and 3 were registered on the NZQF by NZQA. The following year in 2011, New Zealand Universities granted the SSC Level 3 with UE endorsement, Ad Eundem Statum which gives holders of the qualification equivalent status for entry into New Zealand universities.

In 2014-15 SSC was reviewed along with all other national qualifications by NZQA and was re-listed with a new title: New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education This was launched in January 2017 in New Zealand and in July 2017 in Europe.