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About SEDT

Steiner Education Development Trust Limited came into existence on September 8th, 2014. It was formed to create a strong body to manage and develop the Certificates of Steiner Education for use in New Zealand and transnationally. SEDT is a New Zealand-registered limited company which has been converted to a New Zealand educational charity. This has been done through the creation of the Steiner Education Development Foundation (SEDF), a registered charity in New Zealand which holds all the shares in SEDT.

SEDT is SEDF’s wholly-owned operating entity.

SEDT has been established primarily to manage and develop the Steiner School Certificates as secondary qualifications but also to act as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) to enable it to offer a training course in high-quality assessment practice for teachers in Steiner Schools. This training scheme is quality assured by NZQA in New Zealand and is called the Certificate in Assessment Design and Practice. SEDT has been granted approval by NZQA under section 251 of the Education Act 1989 to provide this certificate at Level 4 on the NZQF especially for teachers new to assessment and/or Steiner Education in a New Zealand education context. To read our latest successful EER report follow this link : 

SEDT has a board of independent trustees/directors who have a long association with Steiner education and are ultimately responsible for its governance and operation. SEDT also employs a General Manager of the Trust who runs the operation.