The New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education is the only officially recognised Waldorf School secondary qualification being offered transnationally.

SEDT is a New Zealand-registered limited company which has been converted to a New Zealand educational charity.

This has been done through the creation of the Steiner Education Development Foundation (SEDF), a registered charity in New Zealand which holds all the shares in SEDT. SEDT is SEDF’s wholly-owned operating entity.

The qualification's development is informed by user (students, teachers, parents) feedback obtained via online questionnaires using QuestionPro, whose support we gratefully acknowledge.

QuestionPro provides unparalleled insights and just launched enterprise features including  Communities, Customer ExperienceWorkforce and Mobile.

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Level Description

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Certificate history in NZ

Prior to New Zealand Qualifications Authority approval of the Certificates in 2010 there was no nationally recognised qualification to Rudolf Steiner Education...

How the Certificate works

The qualification is awarded based on the collection of evidence required to support the decision of the teacher against detailed assessment criteria specified for each Learning Outcome...

Who is using it

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Lisbon Convention

This international agreement has greatly facilitated our ability to offer NZCSE overseas as it means simply that a secondary qualification gained in one country has the same status as an equivalent qualification gained in another...
NZCSE is the only secondary qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework other than NCEA.